The Advantages of Banking with a Cell Phone App

The rise of mobile technology has been changing the way world does business for nearly two decades. Across industries, mobile technology has reduced paperwork and processing times by allowing the instant exchange of digital information. For some reason, the banking industry as a whole has been slow to follow suit.

Instead of finding new and improved methods to better serve todays internet-savvy consumer, many banks continue to rely on increasingly outdated methods of doing business and the customer pays the price. Are not you tired of wasting valuable time, paying expensive fees, and being surprised by hidden charges for basic services?

Well, so are we and thats exactly why we created

At PayPay, we dont think clinging to obsolete banking practices is the right way to serve our customers. Instead, we take the opposite approach, embracing technology in order to give consumers fast, convenient and flexible banking options that as modernized as their lives are.

For example, did you know that on average, it costs about two six million Rand each year just to operate a single bank branch? On top of that, traffic to physical branches is on a steady decline. By replacing inefficient brick-and-mortar branches with our easy-to-use mobile banking app, we put the power of a full service bank directly into the palm of your hand.

At PayPay, we keep the pros and eliminate the cons to give you exactly what you want. There’s no fluff, no filler, and no fees just easy, fee-free banking.

Why use Mobile Banking with PayPay instead of Traditional Services?

So why should you think about making the switch from traditional banking to mobile banking? What are the advantages of banking with a smartphone or a tablet instead of a teller?

We wouldnt have created PayPay if we did not think it offered superior customer service to the traditional banking products that are currently on the market. We are confident there are at least four awesome reasons to consider upgrading from a traditional bank to mobile banking.



When you visit a traditional bank, not only do you have to take valuable time out of your busy day just to get there – you also have to battle for a parking place, not to mention waiting around in line.

The banker you need is busy right now? No problem just take a seat for the next 20 minutes while their appointment finishes. No time to visit the bank during your lunch break? Guess youre stuck waiting until the bank opens tomorrow morning. Dont feel like you have the energy to run errands? Looks like you won’t get your checks deposited.

With the PayPay mobile banking app, you will never have to worry about bank hours or long lines again. The app lets you bank on your time, with your schedule, whenever works for you. With our app, you can check your balances, purchase history and make payments at any hour of the day or night, any day of the week, all from the comfort of your own living room.

Saving on gas money while you bank in your pyjamas? We dont know about you, but that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.


In addition to being speedy, convenient, and cost-efficient, mobile banking also gives customers a much wider variety of options when it comes to account access.

With traditional banks, you essentially have two options: log in from a computer, or visit the bank in person. But what if you are traveling? What if your computer is dead? What if your bank is closed by the time you get off work? That really does not leave you with many choices.

With our mobile banking app, you will never have to worry about account access again. Simply sign in from your iPhone, your iPad, your iPod Touch, or your Android smartphone any time you feel like it. No matter where you are or what you are doing,

Our app gives PayPay customers

instantaneous, around-the-clock access to their accounts with just a few quick taps of the screen. At PayPay, it’s our philosophy that banks should work for you – not the other way around.

The advantages of mobile banking are obvious when it comes to time, savings, and convenience but what about data security? Will your financial information be secure on our mobile banking network?

You can rest assured that at PayPay, protecting your sensitive personal information is our number one priority.

We take a comprehensive three-pronged approach to make sure your financial data stays safe and sound:

1. First, your information is transmitted through SSL or “Secured Socket Layer” technology.
2. Next, your encrypted information is transmitted to our protected database. That means the data gets reworked into a special code that only authorized personnel can access.
3. Finally, we only grant account access to a limited number of authorized personnel. Plus, all authorized personnel are required to keep your information confidential.

How many times have you travelled out of your way to visit your banks ATM, just for the sake of avoiding those annoying ATM fees? After all, ATM charges add up fast. If you were to visit an ATM with a R7, 50 ATM fee just twice a week for a year, withdrawal and balance inquiry fees alone would cost you almost R750! That does not sound like a good use of your money to us. Use our APP and do payments direct to retailers in your area.

Ready to get started? Begin by downloading our free mobile banking app from the PayPay iTunes page or PayPay Google Play page. From there, you will be guided through a quick account opening process. Then you are ready to go. The mobile banking revolution is here to stay and it starts with you.

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