We believe that it is the responsibility of every bussiness within South Africa to contribute towards the future of our country

Community Possible

We believe all people deserve the opportunity to dream, believe and achieve. The building blocks that made our country great - a stable job, a home to call your own and a community connected through culture, recreation and play - continue to be at the heart of possibility for all of us.
At PayPay, we invest our time, resources and passion to build and support vibrant communities that allow every person to work toward their possible.

Community Development

Developing communitys means investing in people and their hopes and dreams for the future. By providing products and services that meet the diverse needs of our communities we're helping to provide a social and economic foundation for achieving affordable housing, productive small businesses and culturally vibrant communities.

PayPays Volunteers

PayPay encourages and supports employee community involvement through PayPays job creation program, where we provide access to benefits and events that support both company-sponsored job creation and volunteer activities and individual interests. Over the last few years PayPay shared its skills and knowledge with our communities through many hours of volunteer service with a variety of products.
In all areas- job creation, financial education, innovative services and capacity building programs- PayPay moves forward in a way that strengthens the fabric of our communities in all their rich diversity and potential.

What makes PayPay unique?

With PayPay, you’ll get the newest online tools, the highest levels of security, 24/7 domestic phone support and personal service. We’re redefining Internet banking and taking it to the next level with Online Banking and services.

Secure Online Banking

PayPay provides you with the latest technology you need to securely manage your money on your schedule.

24/7 Personal Support

PayPay is committed to providing the best online bank experience. We offer in-person service where and when you need it – on your phone or online.